Garden Tour food ideas

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Next month, our local Hospice is having their annual Spring Garden Tour.  I'm offering to finish up the tour by opening my garden to our church members.  I want to serve simple refreshments on the patio and let people mingle around the garden, drink lemonade, talk about plants and flowers and enjoy a few simple dishes.

So far, I've thought of a fruit topiary.  I made one last year using grapes, cantaloupe and strawberries.  I also thought of (a variation from another recipe) taking a lemon, cutting the bottom so it will sit flat on a tray, hollowing out the middle and filling with sherbet then topping it off with a mint sprig.  My only problem is that I need to make everything the night before as the garden tour begins immediately after church, so I won't have much time to put everything together.  And I don't know how lemons would do if they're sitting in the fridge all hollowed out and waiting to be filled with sherbet.(?)

Any ideas???
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Hi there,

I never had a problem getting my lemons ready a day ahead in the fridge (covered)  
Another idea would be to keep the tops of your lemons and once the lemons are filled a little higher than the lemon,  place the tops back on....

Just a thought.
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What's in season at the moment, and what do you have ready to harvest in your church garden at the moment?  Including flowers - e.g. roses, lavender, nastursiums etc.  or grape leaves...... what do you have available there?
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