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"Pates and Terrines" by Ehlert, et al, is a great book on that part of garde manger work. Unfortunately, it's out of print so it might take some doing to find a copy. As far as pronunciation goes, I'll leave that to Sisi!
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Another good info book would have to be "Art of Garde Manger" by Frederic H. Sonnenschmidt and John F. Nicholas. We used the Fith Edition in Culinary School, but I belive they have a newer/revised addition today as we speak.

Garde Manger-the chef or station responsible for the pantry, salads, appetizers, pâtés, garnishes, and cold food presentations. I think you pronouce as if you are saying (Gaurd-mauhn-jay), but I'm not sure.
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Well when I was helping out in the Garde Manger in the Hotel I worked at. We stareted out the day by drinking a nice cup of coffee. Then we would check the prep list and make a requisition of all the ingredients we would need throughout the day and get it from the storeroom. Then we would make the fruit mirrors for the breakfast buffet and any that were required for banquets (small business meetings, occasionaaly large ones). Then we would make a game plan and decide who would do what and split up the duties. We had to prepare the salad bar with backup items for it, make what ever was required for the whole day as far as banquets was concerned....canapes, finger sandwiches, boiled shrimp and other seafood cocktails, deli plates, cold appetiesers, different presentations of fruit, cheese displays, poached whole salmon and smoked salmon displays(very popular), vegetable and fruit carving for centerpieces and presentations( I m not an expert at this yet, but with more and more exposer, I get better at it). You might also make pates and terrines (something I did not get that much exposer from) At first you think some things are time consuming (and some are), but after repitition you will be able to figure out how you are going to do something alot faster. Just pay close attention to the Garde Manger Chef! Watch what he does and ask good questions when you feel you need to, show a willingness to learn. Hopefully he is a person who takes pride in teaching other people his trade! And good Luck!

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Get those knife skills sharpened up!! You will be doing lots of fruit mirrors, crudite, finger sandwiches, etc. Best of luck!!!
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