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So, I have solid experience working Garde Manger in busy, upscale, scratch kitchens in large cities. Never worked outside of Downtown. I also have some Fry experience (Sweet Breads, Truffle Fries, and Brussel Sprouts). I seen a Line Cook job posting on Craigslist, didn't know anything about the place by the posting, but applied. I recieved a call recently, went in for an interview and he offered Saute (with training starting on Monday...3p-CLOSE) to me and I took it. The Exec Chef knows my experience and knows my passion.

With that said, I'll give a little info about the menu.


Ahi Tuna
Salmon Oscar
Chicken Paillard
Swordfish Sicialiana

Sides: (I'm assuming these will be my responsibility)

50/50 Puree
Creamed Spinach
Lemon Asparagus
Roasted Broccoli
White Truffle Mac


Maitre d Butter
Roquefort Cream

I was told the kitchen is A La Minute. I am fast paced, organized once I know my Mise, and very clean. I'm sure once I master the station I'm be fine but I'm a little nervous. Any tips guys? This is my life, my career, my everything! I want Sous one day and just looking for some advice. Thanks guys!
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That's a good menu for a first-time saute position IMO -pretty classic stuff for the most part. You shouldn't have any trouble.
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Wow, this is a cool menu. Prep one day ahead for veggies. Make a big batch if needed for all of your sauces. And ask chefs and cooks how much to portion the seafood. You should be ready to go! Also, if you work back at the kitchen - have a system and organization that works best for you since you are doing a Saute' line cook. I work with another line cook that is doing a similar position as you are. He has some pasta, sauces next to his grill station. Then his cold sides in the fridge. His squeeze bottles filled with water, oil and other liquid components for cooking. If you are dealing with customers like you are Sauteing on the spot. Don't be too pressured while you are cooking! Mingle with them as if you were their regulars. And you are introducing the food to them. Just a new concept that we are introducing. But if you are working in the back of the kitchen- you should have no problems. Congratulations!
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Hey welcome to Cheftalk man!
Hope you pop back in now and then, to let us know how its
going, we can always use more experienced input/output in the pro forums.
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That looks like a nice, easy starting saute station. A layup! That will give you a chance to gain your bearing and get the rhythm down.

How busy is this place?

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