Gangs of NY

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Have any fellow CTers seen this movie yet? We went to see it this past weekend and now it's completely stuck in my brain. I've always been a fan of Martin Scorsesi, but this is his best yet, in my view. Daniel Day-Lewis was brilliant and though I wasn't expecting much from Leonardo DiCaprio, I was pleasantly surprised at his acting skill.
I had read the book upon which this movie is based and boy, it was hard going. The subject matter is fascinating, though, as was getting a clearer picture of the development of the city.
I'd recommend this movie to anyone with one caveat--as with most of Mr. Scorsesi's work, the violence can be hard to take (I spent some of the movie hiding under my coat) . But he doesn't use it just to shock and fascinate an audience's baser instincts. The violence is an integral part of the story and an important driver of the plot and characters.
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When Daniel Day-Lewis tapped his glass eye with the point of a knife he had my undying respect.....I read today that he sayed up 3-4days to learn not to blink when he did it.
The knife violence was way too much for me...
I did not think Leo's proformance nearly as fluid/good as in Catch me if you can.
Loved Chicago and Bowling for was a movie Dec. I think I've seen most that are out now.
It'll be several months before I hit the theatres again.
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