ganache or icing for brownies

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A friend gave me a brownie recipe but she used ready made frosting.  But it was sweet and ruined the brownies.  Anyone have a recipe for icing or ganache that will spread but then firms up to make cutting easier.  I know some folks use melted chocolate and heavy cream or butter.  What is the ratio and what kind of chocolate to offset the sweetness of the brownies itself?  Bitter or dark chocolate?
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I make the melted chocolate and butter recipe - got it from julia child,  I use equal parts chocolate and butter, or 1 part choc to 3/4 parts butter -

I make brownies for festive occasions like christmas parties, in a large tray, when cool i cover with this butter/chocolate frosting, let it cool completely and then i cut them in small diamonds.  They look better, fancier, and most people won't take a big one, but will take five small ones, a little at a time. 

Melt the chocolate (dark sweetened chocolate - my favorite is about 70% cocoa mass) in a double boiler, making sure no humidity or steam falls into it.  Take off the water, and add butter in pieces mixing till the butter is melted.  It should have the consistency of mayonnaise, but if it's too hard and the butter won't melt any more, try beating hard (the friction will warm it a little) or if that doesn't work, put a second or two over hot water again, and if too liquid, put cold water in the bottom of the double boiler and let it cool on top. 
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