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Hey Folks,

I'n the middle of Febuary I am preparing a "game Theme" Event.

about 350 people with 12 different theme stations.

I will be doing
Ring nech Pheasent
Ruffed grouse
Wild turkey
wild boar
Lake trouts
Northern Pike.

I want to do sausages, pates,gallentines,roasts, clay pot cooking,I will smoke some things. These stations with all have attendents carving or cooking, serving ETC. My question to you all is Ideas, recipes, condiments, sides, wine,
sauces, chuntnys, relishes, preserves.

any ideas?
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Sounds fantastic. I did a similar event at a musuem for 200. The biggest hit was the sausage area. In the tradition of a Swedish Smorgasboard, we offered roasted fruit 'relishes', roasted garlic for smearing on crisps and 8 sausages. The more tame selections were the most popular, like apple-wood smoked chicken, turkey and currants, duck with blood oranges. Also, the carved wild boar with hard-apple glaze went well. The squab was the evenings' looser, I think because of so many people relating squab to pigeon? My favorite was the braised hare saddles with tsimis (carrots, raisins, carmelized onions, seckle pears and dried cranberries); it went okay, but I thought it had the best 'rustic' appearence and flavor profile.
As for accompaniments, the fruited items did best. I tried to pair particular relishes/sauces with each item, but the group pretty much put on what they wanted. For instance, we did a dried cherry conserve with black walnuts for roast duck, but several folks used it for the quail.
As for wines, we went through a truck load of Merlot and Riesling. Go figure?!
Please keep us posted on how it goes!!
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Hey Jim,
Thanks alot.
Those are exactly the type of things I am looking for.
The Cherry and black walnut conserve sounds really great.

I really want to balance out the whole event with sweet and savory condiments and sides.Persimmons, cara cara oranges, pomigranets, figs, nuts and wild shrooms, Chestnuts, Farror. The squab I an thinking of doing something similar to the Manderin Hotel in Japan, They do a shredded squab with toasted cashews, ginger, seasame and lemon grass that you roll up like a spring roll in butter lettuce and serve it with a spicy red chili dip. I think buy having a cook rolling these in front of the guest will increase the likely hood of them feeling comfortable with the squab.

The venison saddle I was thinking of boning out the strapes and rolling them in rosemary and sage and searing them, place them back on the saddle and roast them together, Then make a black current conserve and a venison gremalata and slice it off the saddle.

Just a couple things I'm thinking of.
Keep em coming
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Mezz, It's a type of grain. It taste kind of similer to Quiona and looks like Isrealy Cous Cous
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I think you should have Bob Barker present yuor menu!:D

But seriously.
Loved reading all of your ideas; sound like Iron Chef material!

CC is farror and farro the same thing?
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I made wild rice with porcini, dried sweet cherries and orange zest......really turned out great....I put the shroom soaking liquid into the rice water for a stronger flavor. Sauteed shallots in a skillet then added the cooked rice, rosemary, rehydrated porcini, rehydrated cherries and zest...
Having some recognizable food for the unadventuresome is a good idea.
Beasty foods....i second the charcuterie, rillettes, pickled cippione onions, roasted roots salad
would boar make a good smoked pulled bbq? Pomagranite BBQ sauce....
Barley risotto would make a good side
fillo covered fingers with a rich filling and dried fruit dip....lemony figs and hmmmmm pheasant? or duck?
something with quail and quail eggs....I'm thinking filled pasta...could be too fussy....but the combination is too fun
maybe a straight forward trout with a great tartar sauce
Sounds like a blast!
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Shroom, I love the pulled wild boar concept. I have some pomagranete syrup at work. I think a winner, Yes Anneke it's one and the same
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I suggest that you procure the Time/Life book entitled TERRINES, PATES, AND GALANTINES. It gives the most thorough treatment of the subject matter that I've seen anywhere. Although the book is out of print, copies are offered for sale on EBAY. Do get yourself a copy of the book.
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Thanks all,
I bookmarked the Gode site a couple months ago when researching, Thanks Athenaeaus.

kokopuffs, Thanks for the tip
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How about making a confit of the various bird legs and wing, use that to make a stuffing of a ravioli or tortellini made with a quail-egg pasta? Or do it like a dumpling or potsticker. For some reason, chantrelle and 3 birds tortellini with a slightly spicy, slightly sweet pecan sauce sound pretty good.
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Thanks peachcreek...remember this is for 300 people, Imagine how many quial eggs I would need :)

But really, I will be doing some confit and dodains with the duck
I love the ravioli idea, I can buy all types of flavored pasta sheets to make some ravs. I buy a smoked tomato pasta sheet that I use for grilled shrimp and mascarpone ravioli, really good stuff

If I do a pasta I want it to be very rustic, I am thinking an en brodo made with game consamme.

Thanks for the ideas
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I know that most of you know the

I posted the specific article that it's new.
You have to click on it in order to read it.

According to the directions you have to be a member in order to read it , that's why I said that I am not sure that it will work.

If anyone is interested and he/she cannot access the article, send me a PM , I will find a way to send it to you.


PS Kokkopuffs I have been searching this book for quite a long. Thanks for the tip.
I want it so badly that I might try to find my way in ebay... I find very difficult to use this site :)
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