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I have an ongoing dispute with a co-worker about what a galette is. I define it as something baked on a crust (like a tart or pizza), that can have any particular shape or size. It's the same definition as the Food Lover's Companion and The Chef's Companion. My co-worker insists that there's another type of galette. He says my version is the PASTRY version. Anybody else have another definition WITH A SOURCE?
Also, according to this definition, wouuld you say that a pizza or a tarte tatin is a galeete?


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The literal definition is a flat round cake of variable size. Early versions were typically sweet versions of a thick cereal paste that was cooked by spreading the paste on hot stones. These pastes would often be prepared from oats, wheat rye, and even barley, sweetened with honey. These types of galettes were sweet in nature, but there is a savory galette that originated in France that is made with potatoes (finely sliced or pureed). And finally the word "galette" also refers to a small shortbread bisuit made with butter which is a Breton speciality.

Information taken from Larousse Gastronomique. An excellent reference that you can purchase from the ChefTalk online store at

Hope that helps.

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That is actually how this question came about. We make potato galettes at work, and I said to one of the cooks, "you know, I think that technically these are not galettes", and that just started this huge controversy.
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galette [gah-LEHT]
Hailing from France, a galette is a round, rather flat cake made of flaky-pastry dough, yeast dough or sometimes UNLEAVENED dough. The term also applies to a variety of tarts, both savory and sweet, and there are as many variations as there are French regions. They may be topped with fruit, jam, nuts, meat, cheese, etc. Galette des Rois, the traditional cake served during Twelfth Night festivities, often contains a bean or other token, which is guaranteed to bring the recipient good luck.

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King Cake pretty yummy! Galette I could have sworn that there is a cookie shaped like a triangle with layers and is similar to a sugar ice cream cone......
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