Gage and Tollner, in Brooklyn, NY

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In case anyone is interested in a very, very long description and discussion of the historic restaurant, Gage and Tollner, check out this thread on eGullet. Paul and I ate there last night, and had a grand old time.
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Hey Suzanne,

Sounds like you had a fun evening.

I didn't read the menu links-- how were the prices?
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Actually "moderate" -- the apps range in the single to low 2-digits, and entrees up to the mid-20s. And the traditional stuff was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious. (Just be sure to take your cholestrol meds ;) ). For the 5 of us, the total before tax was $281.

Breakdown: Beverages: the Dr. K was $25 (!) and Sagrantino $50 (oh! they never charged us for Jason's glass of sparkling wine!, but it was probably about $7.50 or so); and 3 double espressos at $13.50 (4.50 each);
Desserts: $7.50 each
Apps: Caesars: 7.95 each (a bit high);
She-crab soup: $6.50
Pan Roast Oysters $11.95, for 5 great oysters and way too much sauce :D
Clams, as the entree size: $19.95 ( a double app portion)
Entrees: Veal Oscar, $23.45 each
Special Striped Bass (the good one), 19.95
Regular striped bass (the not good one), also 19.95
Spectacular Crabmeat Virginia, $26.95
Side: Spinached Cream was $4.95, and with everything else, way too much for 5 people.

The clam bellies as a regular app were, I think, $11.95, and the fried calamari app was a bit less. All in all, the prices were not bad, I thought.

Yes, it was tons of fun. Most of our other friends like to eat; but these guys LOVE to eat. And they have other kinds of jobs/interests (computers, paralegal, travel ...) so there was no lack of topics of discussion. Kind of like when CTer meet :D
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Well, the "good" one was a special, and the "not good" was the regular menu item. We probably should have known that the gussied-up "Asian" version would not be all that great; this is truly a place to stick with classic dishes. It was surprising that the special turned out to be so delicious; that was just luck. ;)
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