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Is anyone else out there having a hell of a time with G.F.S.? Ever since we started re-opening in Ontario they have really fallen behind. I can understand this at the beginning but It's getting really annoying. Does anyone have any insight as to why? Yesterday the didn't deliver to us because the driver was out of hours.
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I have been having nothing but trouble with GFS. I've been a customer for more than 20 years so I have some longevity with them and it makes no difference whatsoever. All the broadliners are having difficulty finding and retaining drivers; so this is not just limited to GFS. Last summer I had an order not show because the driver was out of hours; this is happening more and more frequently. They just raised their minimum from 750 to 1000; and they are out of stock/stopped carrying 17 items in my order guide. If the order AFTER SUBMISSION doesn't meet the mimimum, it is cancelled and you aren't notified. They've just shortened the cut off time for orders. They are actively looking to reduce the number of their accounts. I sometimes wonder if - after all of this is over and things are approaching a new normal - that they will regret their actions because who's going to go back to a supplier that screwed so many already-struggling accounts?
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