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Hi everyone. What a great forum!

I am interested in maybe pursuing a career in food writing, so lately I am researching journalism and cooking textbooks and trying to spend more time writing and cooking.
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Ah, writing and cooking... my two favourite past times!  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif   Welcome!
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An interesting carreer choice.I'm wondering how does one get taken on as a serious foodwriter, And what kind of background do you need to have?
I can understand journalism, but what else?... We have other food writers here at CT and I've often meant to ask them how they got started...That would be a good thread if you fancy starting it!

Enjoy your research and let us know how you get on

Look forward to hearing from you
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Actually, Bughut, a background in journalism isn't particularly necessary.

Assuming that the person can write (you'd be surprised at how many people who can't think they can), and, in this case, has an understanding of food and culinary matters, the important things are:

1. Being self-disciplined. Most food writing is not a go-to-the-office type thing. So you have to be disciplined enough to do the work when there's nobody standing over you with a whip.

2. Being thick skinned. Rejection is the norm, not the exception. If you can't take rejection then writing is the wrong business for you.

3. Understanding, deep in the gonads where it counts, the editorial golden rule, i.e., the editor has the gold so the editor makes the rules.

4. Realizing that most of your time is spent developing markets and soliciting work, not actually doing the work.

5. Knowing how the business really works. For example, reliability, far as an editor is concerned, is exponentially more important than talent.
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Which subforum should I use? I am very interested in hearing food writers talk about food writing.
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