FutUrE cHef CoMin ThROuGh

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HEY everyone! I am 16 years old, and I am a future chef! I watch the Food Network all the time! I admire & respect all the chefs I have been viewing. Im hoping to learn alot from all of the people that belong to this board!
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Welcome to the world of Chef Talk. What brought about your interest in cooking? Are you dabbling in cooking in a restaurant at all?
This place is a great source of information for an 'up and comer' like yourself. Welcome!
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Welcome to Chef Talk, LiL Chef. You're going to love this place! To satisfy your immediate curiosity, use the search function to find topics you are particularly interested in. Check out the Culinary Students' forum for the skinny on culinary schools. There's a lot to explore here!

Have you taken any food-related courses in school yet?
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Well... Thank You both for the warm welcome! I have wanted to cook ever since I could walk. I have watched cooking shows since I was about 4 or 5. I have some pics of food I have prepared. When ever I go to resturants I save the menus to prepare different foods I think my family would like. I cook dinner for my parents all the time. Im hoping to get a degree in the Culinary field at GA Tech, Im hoping to learn alot of new recipes from this Board, and meet alot of new people! I think the reason why I love cooking so much is probably because I consider it an art, Im one of those people that stop to savor the little things in cooking like the texture of the things, the smell, & even the crunch of vegetables. I have taken several classes in school, luckily cooking never gets boring to me, and I hope to further my cooking education.
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Welcome aboard !! . You've definetly got passion, keep up with your education.
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With your enthusiasm, you're off to a good start. Watch out for burn-outs though. Feel one coming, back off for awhile.

You might like a couple of books written by Michael Ruhlman - "The Making of a Chef" and "The Soul of a Chef."

Good luck and happiness to you as go along.
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Besides the books that Nick suggested, you might also have a look at:
Becoming a Chef by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page;
"A Woman's Place Is in the Kitchen" by Ann Cooper (even if you are a guy ;) ); and
Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. Just don't let your parents see you reading this one -- it's at least R-rated, even X-rated in some parts :eek: :eek: ;)

Betcha didn't think there would be so much reading to do? But the more you read and learn about food, the better a chef you'll end up being.

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