Further breakfast challenge

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Back again...

Still working on the grab-n-go breakfast ideas, and you guys came up with some winners!

That said, a couple of questions came up:
1) If pre-cooking bacon, can it just be stored in a zip bag or tupperware in the fridge for a couple days? Any risk there?
2) Could scrambled eggs be cooked in a biscuit-cutter or other form to set them into a disk shape, then refrigerated for later addition to sandwiches? I'm thinking to pre-make them in an english-muffin size.

And scones... mmmmmmm.....
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1. No problem. If bacon is cooked until all of the moisture is gone you can safely store it unrefrigerated. For days. No health issue. But a quality issue as the days go by. So in the refer you're cool (no pun intended).
Under refrigeration you can of course pre-cook to your desired crispness, doesn't have to be moisture free.

2. Yes, this would work. They might get a little watery and rubbery, but they'll be fine. They can even be frozen, but I think the quality takes too much of a hit.
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1) Yes. No, but it will lose a lot of its crispness. (You can buy packages of cooked bacon -- for several times the cost of raw. :eek: )
2) Yes. There are a couple of ways: thoroughly grease ring molds (or short cans, like tuna cans before they started making them with only one end to open), place them on your hot greased cooking surface, and pour in the eggs. Cook until mostly set, flip (with the mold) and finish cooking. Instant small round omelet. OR: if you have the kind of egg poacher with little cups that sit over the water, use that, again for round omelet. It will be a little humped, but the right size. They'll keep a couple of days.
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