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Hello everyone. I thought I would join you all here and meet up with some folks in the community. I am on a few different forums and have been for years but they have always been hobby related. You know how it is when you just want to forget about work when you get home.

I am 34 and have been cooking all my life. I have never been to culinary school and due to my location in the middle of nowhere I have been limited to chain restaurants for the most part. Just like anybody else working my way up from dish to prep, fry, flat-top. broil then expo. I've been a kitchen manager a couple of times but due to some family obligations have dropped down to a basic line cook now. I am hoping with tax check this year to move to a bigger city in order to further my career and it would be nice to make some connections before then. I hope to be a contributing member of the group here and to learn some very useful info.  Thanks for having me.
Joined Aug 21, 2010
Nice. I have only been looking around a few minutes and I find a great quote.
Anyone can reheat the meatloaf made by the prep cook and plate it with mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy ... but when you've got three orders for meatloaf, four for burgers, 5 different types of omelets, 2 pancake orders, and 1 waffle to produce along with all the sides of crispy bacon, sausage, whole wheat, rye, or white toast... and when a server is screaming at you because table 4 now has an add-on order ... you have GOT to keep your cool.
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Hi Llamabox- welcome to Chef Talk. This is a great place to make connections and, we have a job board. Our members are from all over the world, although many of our members are from North America.

I encourage you to take some time to read the cooking articles, reviews, and look at the photo albums as well as checking out the discussion forums. We hope you enjoy being part of the community.



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