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    I tried this in the catering forum, but no one wanted to talk
    about it, but it's the funny stories that keep us going.
    What is your claim to fame at your establishment? Or what is
    the craziest event you have ever cooked for? You know,
    when people just have to have this, and they are not being
    sane. I'll give two personal examples, I think Im only at work
    to give my employees stories for the next year. Dont think
    less of me :p
    Last year in Colorado we had that huge snow storm,
    it closed down denver for 3-4 days. We had an event scheduled,
    So I called them during the first 6 hours of the storm and
    asked if they wanted to cancel, no, no, no. So I trudge over there,
    accidents all around me, snowing like crazy, The tent they rented
    colapsed, due to the weight of the snow. The barbeque grill
    was covered under snow, I had to dig it out, Yes, they still
    wanted the bbq. So here I was, all alone, my staff called off,
    no one was going anywhere, One of my staff showed up
    with her husband and he cleared paths to the grill.
    Everyone showed up for the party, here I was, grilling,
    in the storm, using a snowbank for a table, soaking wet,
    frozen, These people thought it was funny. They would look
    outside and laugh at me! I will never live it down, every time
    we do an event, I get the remarks, oh maybe it'll blizzard,
    so you can barbeque! hehehhe- eeehhh:smokin If that's
    all they can remember, the joy of watching me catch pnumonia.
    Thats really nice of them huh?

    My second, is my assistant, we really get along, and one
    very busy weekend, we were delivering to an event. we had
    to haul 2liter bottles of soda down a steep staircase, and he
    said, go down and I'll be down in a minute. So Im on the bottom
    and he has maybe 8-9 flats of soda on a hand truck, and he starts
    down the stairs, well, guess what, there were no pins holding
    the handle in. so here comes all this soda crashing towards
    me, Im screaming, and jumping out of way, covering my head as
    it lands, some explode and roll across the dance floor.
    spraying coke all over the place, by this time, we're laughing
    so hard, we cant breathe. He really did try to kill me that day.
    but. it's a funny story.
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    There is a clause in my contract that allows me to cancel at any time, for any reason.It is rarely used, but it exsists. The potential for liabilities arising out of an outdoor event, to me, my staff, or even the "guests" during a blizzard, would have had me on the phone flat out cancelling! I would attempt to reschedule, or make some other trade off, but there is no way that I would ask my people to risk life and limb so some turdburger could have a party.
    I am appalled at the way you were treated. Those people have no respect for you, or anyone in your proffession. It sounds like a bad episode of "Upstairs, Downstairs". The poor little cook braving the elements to cook for the ungrateful lord of the manor, at his ease in the drawing room, sipping brandy and laughing at your misfortune.
    2) once, we were plating a dinnerfor 200, I came up one prime rib short. I called to the chef,"Hey Tim, toss me a piece of the rib!" I looked up just in time to see a slice of the rib sailing thru the air. It was like a slow motion shot, people leaping aside as the meat hit the sheet pan full of juice and grease, splatterring everything, especially the new F&B Mgr.(me) I was careful to ask for things more clearly, and directly, after that.
    3) the strangest party that I have ever done was a wedding for re-enactors of the War of 1812, at Fort McHenry.(where the "Star Spangled Banner" was written) All the guests were in period costume... including swords! The bridal party arrived in carriages, and by horseback! (remember, this is in the heart of the city!) The menu was as period specific as we could make it. The problem being, that which was cheap and plentiful in 1812(duck,oysters,venison, terrapin) are now expensive, or protected. We made some substitutions, along with whole hams and turkeys, and we all had a heck of a good time. There were fiddlers, and dancing and a mock duel for the bride. Makes me glad to be in this business.
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    Those are Funny! keep 'em coming
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    what makes it worse, is that the biggest offender was a rabbi.
    It was during Purim, a jewish holiday. They had to have their
    food and booze, it's ok, I made them dig our van out.
    I agree, I didnt think my boss would have the party go on,
    but he said call them and I did as I was told. Although he did
    call every 2 mins to see if I was okay. Am I bitter? a little.
    Not even a tip. We were invited to spend the night at
    some guests house and declined, My boss wanted us to
    stay at a hotel. But who wants to do that when they stink like
    bbq smoke and has no other clothes with them. Not to mention
    we would have been stuck for 3 days.
    I would have gone nuts! Oh well, No one can say that Im
    not reliable. Even better than the postman.
    Come rain, nor snow, nor dark of night, through
    flood and blizzard, I will cook for you! :chef:
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    Chefgirlrd, I'm appalled at the rabbi's behavior. (If my rabbi acted like that, he'd hear about it. Perhaps that rabbi has been admonished by his community, but unfortunately, I doubt you'll ever know.) Heaven knows they are fallible, being human. But for a whole tentful of people to be so lacking in compassion and empathy??? For shame! :(