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Here are some interesting food related news.

7-11 is trying to rid their image of old hot dogs, soggy sandwiches and microwave burritos. The result, gourment convienince food. New additions include Fettuccini Alfredo and Sushi. Insert puncline here _______.

In the Middle East, Terrorist are bombing American landmarks. They belive that these landmarks are imposing on thier culture and symbolize All Things American. Their target:
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I don't have a punchline for the first one because I think it's sad. I mean where else can you go 24 hrs a day and get old hotdogs, soggy sandwiches and microwave burritos?

7-11 is the only place in the world where those things taste good (not that alcohol has anything to do with it!;) )

And the terrorists will end up bombing themselves out of existance as soon as the rest of the world catches up and realizes they are harming EVERYONE! Not just Americans.
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white castles were brought to the annual New Year's bonfire potluck, first they were poo pooed then snarfed in rapid time....alcohal on NYEve?!!! never.

NYTimes had an article on McDonalds and I was amazed that there were more internationally than in the USA.....
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Yes, but what's interesting is that for the first time in their history, they're posting losses. That, to me, is a serious sign of the times.

Who out there has worked/works for McD's???
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I worked overseas as a manager for eight years! It was the best training I had, and learned a lot about management, and service, quality, cleanliness and value is what we delivered.
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Overseas where? What happened? Why do you think McD's is suddenly losing ground??

I'm not a fast food freak or anything, but it WAS the first nearby restaurant in my suburb(c.1972?):) , and from a completely cultural/business standpoint, I think it's a great subject for study.
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I don't know, is it just me? or did anyone else do a little internal "Yes!!! (punch the air)" when hearing about McDs taking a hit? Is Burger King next?
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Are McD`s losing cash because millions of people are bored with "fast food"?Could it be that this type of food is reaching saturation point? Here in London,that`s about all you can get to eat late at night because every else is closed.:(
McD`s have had some bad publicity over here:
One branch had underage employees still working at 11pm.They were only there for work experience as they were still at school.
A West London branch was raided by drug squad officers as dealers were using the place as a meeting point.For those of you who have been to London,this was the one at Marble Arch,near Hyde Park.
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