FUN : what hangs on your wall? (looking for artwork)

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I was curious what artwork you have got on your walls. 

looking for something to hang on mine, food related something… not too heavy nor expensive just nice to look at.

any tips there??? share yours!!! :)
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. Reproductions of food related advertising posters, framed labels from vegetable crates, oil or acrylic paintings of fruit and vegetables, paintings of cafes and other food related gatherings. Reproductions of old tin advertising signs. I find many of mine at garage sales and antique auctions. I also collect various antique food related objects no longer in use like an old meat press, cannibal fork, the long oval cast iron base to an herb roller. They make great conversation pieces. I don't pay much for any of them as I don't buy them if I can't get them $25 or less. It takes a while to build a collection but it is fun looking. Interesting old pots and pans can make good wall decorations if they are unusual in some way, typically copper but some small cast iron pieces work as well. And antique kitchen gadgets fill small spaces nicely. 
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Buba i love that picture...

Right now im being extremely minimalist on what i have at home. 

In my room their are 3 major things a bed, a wardrobe, a desk XD and thats all, theirs some books and a box and thats it. 

I need to get some paintings in here but with me planning to move a cross state next year im losing interest lol. 
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I originally bought that for an old boss, reminded me of his son, short portly kid with his dog and loved food, especially pie. After seeing it hanging in his kitchen for years I had to buy one for myself.

It's pretty minimal around here too. Sold my new house last year to move into a fixer. Have most of my kitchen stuff in, but the rest is a bed, recliner, tv & couch for the dog. Had to do a new roof & skylights, front door & dry rot in the entry floor, just finished a bunch of drywall repairs inside where the skylights leaked, paint is done and hopefully I sell enough burgers so I can do the carpet next week and be done with this construction zone and get my stuff back in the house.
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We just downsized to a smaller home in an older neighborhood (think no HOA...I'm free! Really really free!)) so we can travel more.

Vintage (soft pinkish and melon floral on an ivory background) wallpaper (in master bedroom) in excellent shape that stays.

Cherry block paneling and tons of cherry cabinets in kitchen that will get ripped out when we get back from the cruise.

Anyone interested in the wood?

Other than expected kitchen buildup of gunk (50 years) the wood is in excellent condition.



My spell check wanted me to change HOA to HOAR.....I was tempted lol !!!!!

I know the question was for pix or paintings but I consider both wallpaper and awesome carpentry to be artistic...
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