Fujiwara FKM 240mm gyuto sharpening.

Joined May 4, 2011
Does anyone know off hand where I can find resources on how to sharpen a Fujiwara FKM  240mm gyuto. I'd like to change the profile from a 70/30 to a 60/40.

- I tried a search, but couldn't come up with much love regarding the magic marker method. Any links?

When referring to edge geometry, does 70/30 mean the bevel is the same angle but one side of the blade has a larger bevel than the other?

How do I go about creating an asymetrical bevel? I don't expect anyone to rewrite material I am sure has been covered a thousand times. A couple of links to other threads/resources dealing with similar questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

As an aside, I am pretty stoked. Just picked up two half-sheet baking pans (15 gauge, not a full 13 gauge) for 7 bucks each :D
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