fudge fudge fudge.... are we in heaven yet?

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when i went to work at the country club last week, i also had the chance to work with these two old brothers who own a candy shop. i trailed with them for a few hours and i learned a lot. then we started talking about fudge. we talked about the differance between fudge that has long shelf life and fudge that has a short shelf life. they made the long term shelf life fudge. i tryed some.... it was good however it seemed not to have the mouth feel that i remember when i eat fudge.

so my question..... what makes real good fudge and does anyone have a GREAT recipe for fudge?

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Well, I make very bad fudge, but it got somewhat better, after I took tips from this crazy man:

His life is fudge. Here, you will find all the Fudgy Thoughts your heart can desire.

Shirley Corriher also gives what seem to be some good tips in Cookwise. I'm dying to try her N'Awlins Prawlines, myself, after having some in Stratford t'other day. They are wonderful, wonderful things!

Trouble with me is, I meddle. I meddle with baking, and contrary to all popular wisdom, it still usually comes out all right. Candy, though, just looks me in the eye and says, "Don't. Do. That. Again."
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I have a wonderful recipe for peanut butter fudge, but I'm sorry, it was passed down to me as a strictly protected secret.

It is a better recipe than any chocolate ones I have, although I wish I had an amazing chocolate one too! I like chocolate so much more than peanut butter.

I made a recipe I found online the other day for fudge that is powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and you pour a little milk over that and stick margarine in the middle and microwave it until melted, pour it in a pan and chill. It was horrible. HOrrible and disgusting. So sweet, you couldn't even taste the chocolate. What's the point!?!? Don't go that route.

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Panini makes a very yummy fudge. Maybe he can jump in on this conversation, or you can pm him.
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Hey there...I'd sure like to know the difference between a long shelfer and a non-keeper, please?
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I second Momoreg: the fudge that Panini brought with him was wonderful: really smooth texture, very very yummy. Can't imagine how fudge like that would NEED a long shelf-life -- it was all I could do to NOT eat the whole piece at once! Ask Panini what he does to make it so good. ;)
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I love fudge and my idea of good fudge is one that is completely smooth, melts on the tongue and is not overly sweet. I don't make fudge at home because I would eat it all. I just buy when I see some that doesn't look dried out and over-commercialized. I bought some wonderful fudge at a Wisconsin gas station of all places last week -- 1/4 lb black walnut and chocolate and 1/4 lb strawberry cheesecake. The latter tasted like strawberries and fresh cream, absolutely amazing.

If Panini would like to share his recipe, I may just be tempted to make fudge at home.
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