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    Couple questions about a counter top fryer I received for christmas. It's a calphalon fryer that holds up to 1g of oil

    1. should I always use a full gallon of oil
    2. is there danger of fire with these types of fryers. It is supposed to max out at 375 deg
    3. is canola oil the best oil to use
    4. can you reuse the oil? should it be drained through a cheese cloth after use
    anything else I should be aware of? Looking to use it in the next couple of weeks in prep for superbowl.
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    When filling with oil, leave a little room for the food you will put in. There should be a mark on the inside of the fryer to show that. 

    There is always a danger of fire. Sometimes more or less but always present.  Keep the lid handy to cover the oil if there is a problem. Keep things neat so you can pull the plug quickly. Do not leave the fryer unattended for any length of time. 

    Canola oil is fine. You can use peanut if no allergies. Lard/Beef fat used to be used a lot. 

    Yes you can use the oil again. Strain through a fine strainer first, then cheesecloth. Cool and store covered. Light, air, salt and use will degrade the oil but you should be able to get several uses out of it. 
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    Read your manual it will give you the safe fill levels for your fryer. Any kitchen appliance can start on fire so I always pay attention. Strain the oil and put it in the fridge, you will get 8-10 uses from it. If you fry a lot just stick the whole fryer oil and all in the fridge.
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    Never, ever, ever have liquids anywhere near the fryer.  You know the sizzling that you see/hear when frying chicken in a skillet?  Thats just minute amounts of moisture.  Spill a glass of water or an ice cube in there and you'll have what can only be explained as an explosion...of hot grease.  No one in my kitchen is allowed on the line with liquids of any kind.   Also, you should already have a small fire extinguisher in your kitchen.  They're cheap and when you need one you need one. 

    I've had four grease fires over the years at home (none from fryers, and yes, all were avoidable).  The second one required the help of the big red truck.  TIP:  don't leave a grease filled cast iron skillet inside the oven and turn it on self clean!!


    Please re-read TIP.


    Yes, I really did do that.  Don't remember if I was drinking or had a hangover, but probably one of the two in those days.  I no longer drink.        ..<[ : ^ )  Dumbest thing I ever did, had my head up my (well, you know where) and went after a french fry at the bottom of a 365 degree fryer.  Don't judge, I only did any of these things once.
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    Another way to clean your grease if you don't have cheesecloth:

    When the shortening is cold, stir in three or four egg whites.  Turn the heat on and raft it just like a consomme.


    Don't ever do what I just said.