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Hello! I thought you might get a kick out of my story:
I'm currently a Master's degree student in meteorology who has become frustrated with wasting precious life energy behind a computer for 8 hours a day conducting research. After suffering through all kinds of higher-level math, physics, and computing classes, I'm ready to take a new path in my life. Instead of daydreaming about thunderstorms and hurricanes, I dream of cooking, baking, and working in a profession that is more hands-on. I'm sure I am naive about many details of being a chef. But I feel so passionate about food that I'm ready to make this major change at 23 years old and after 7 years of college in my current field.

Am I crazy? Probably. So I would love any advice that you all can offer. And if any chefs in the Raleigh-Durham area wouldn't mind a curious student shadowing them for a day, let me know! I would love to get a taste of the day in a life of a chef.
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Hi Wendy, and welcome to Chef Talk! You'll find lots of others here who changed their lives by changing their directions and following their passion for food. If you use the search function, you'll see what I mean in a large number of older posts.

Please make yourself at home! Browse the board, search the archives, and join in the fun!

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I wish I had figured it out when I was doing my Master's degree. Instead, it took me a number of years after I graduated to realize that my first love was cooking. Now that I've done it, I can tell you that it's a tough field, but you'll never go hungry and you'll always be employed. Good for you for wanting to try it out first. Good luck!

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Oh, YES, Wendy -- lots and lots of us here have had all sorts of other professions before we "followed our bliss" into food. So stick around, you're in good company. :D

Wow -- you may be the first person I've ever met who can REALLY understand why you can't cook certain foods during certain weather!!! ;) ;)
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This is wonderful! I just have to say thanks to everyone here at ChefTalk! It is so great to talk with other people who love food as much as I do. Most of my meteorologist friends look at me as if I were crazy whenever I get excited about cooking.

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