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the tv link to the fruitcake commercial, priceless!

the nice thing about fruit cake, they are utilitarian: door stop, dessert, paperweight, weapon, snack................
so much to so many............
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My brother-in-law married a girl from Scotland (sensible fellow that he is) and when her family came here for the wedding they hand carried a 3 tier wedding cake. It was baked and decorated by a family friend and it was a thing of beauty.
Come the wedding day the cake was cut and served. It was a rich, dark fruit cake wrapped in marziapn and covered in snow white royal icing. And the Philistines turned their noses up at it!
Well, there was lots of cake left and I saw it as my duty to eat it all. And eat it all I did. It took almost 3 weeks but, talk about your labor of love... As beautiful as it was, it tasted even better and I was sad when I ate the last delicious crumb. It brings a tear to my eye just to think of it :cry:

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I'll come out of the closet and join you in acclaiming this much-maligned sweet! Too bad a slice blows about 2 days' worth of carbs for me.... but worth every mouthful. I'm going to seek out panforte when I get to Italy and enjoy that, too!
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Oooohhhh, fruitcake! I love it! I love it best when it's homemade with real fruits, but I freely confess -- I even love the skanky supermarket ones with neon cherries and pineapple, and big slabs of faux marzipan on top! (I bought one or two last holiday season, and basically ate nothing else those days. "A little slice for breakfast, two slices for lunch, a little slice for a snack...")

Last year, I made batches and batches of this wonderful one called Zelten, out of Richard Sax's Classic Home Desserts -- yeast-raised, with rye flour. It was lovely, and easy, and very well received.


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My opinion on fruit cakes changed when I read Richard Sax's cookbook. Using dried fruits instead of candied fruits makes all the difference in the world.
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