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Hello Everyone!

I am wanting to try out my hand in fruit sculptures, I thought about doing a pirate and parrot, but that may be to difficult to start out on. but ultimately that is what I would like to be able to do out of a watermelon.

Does anyone have any experience and can point me in the right direction?



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Suggest you purchase an exacto knife kit sold in hobby stores, thats what I use..Hardest thing to carve are faces. There is a book out by Chef Harvey Rosen from Jersey with many different carvings  which may be of help. Good Luck
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Lots of great free stuff out there too, which is great when you are just getting started and want to just play around. Just go to YouTube and type in "Fruit Carving" or "Watermelon Carving" and you will get more results than you know what to do with!
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