Fruit Ration

Ratio of fruit puree to cream for creme brulee without substituting cream volume

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Joined Feb 24, 2015
Hi Everyone,

This is more a fun fact finding mission.
Background is, that earlier this week a bunch of pastry chefs got together for a joint workshop
During this workshop (hosted by CapFruit) they discussed the ratio of fruit puree (their brand of course) to the cream used in a creme brulee.

They did not substitute the cream with fruit puree - they added to the total volume

According to them, they can add up to 10% without altering the texture of the creme brulee

This of course sparked a massive debate on the other side - and here I am
Would just be interested to know what the community has to say in regards to the ratio :)

Thanks a lot in advance for casting a vote

Joined Sep 26, 2017
They're right. Just under 10% is what I was taught and have always been using; with a few exceptions with especially acidic fruits
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