Fruit powder technique for raspberries.

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Hi all!

I am thinking about making raspberry powder (by oven dehydrating raspberries and using a food processer to powder it). After thinking about the procedure for a while, I am questioning if I should dehydrate the raspberries and then powder, or if I should smash the raspberries, extract the juice and try to dehydrate the jucice. The reason for thinking about doing it with only the juice, is to avoid the seeds. Is the juice-dehydrating a stupid idea, or should I just do it as the way I originally thought (dehydrating the whole berry).

Also, if I use liquid glucose - should I then use the same scale/ratio if I were to use syrup or liquid sugar? I am thinking about using glucose instead of sugar in three things 1) ice cream, 2) chocolate delice and 3) a pear syrup. For the pear syrup, I was thinking about adding some xanthan gum to thicken the syrup a bit (reducng pear juice, sugar/glucose), as I don't want the syrup to be too runny, but not too firm either.

Edit: Do you think that I can manage to oven-dehydrate raspberries enough to make powder?
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