fruit filled cinnamon buns

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I have basic recipe for cinnamon buns but was wondering if coating the dough with a jam and then applying the cinnamon/sugar mix over that before rolling up would make a better bun. I was watching QVC and the guy selling crumb cake said he found that cooking these in paper pan works better than metal so bought 200 paper pans to cook cinnamon buns in. One recipe i saw women coats inside with butter then sugar/cinnamon mix which she adds .5 tbs corn starch just to thicken it up.


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I've tried the jam and the flavor doesn't seem to "pop" so to speak. You would have to spread more than a layer, like make it ooze out like a donut I think. But it would probably affect the raise and the oven spring.

Also, part of the roll is when it makes its own caramel in the oven. That's the awesome part. Too much moisture in the jam might prevent this.
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She also used brown sugar not white and used a rolling pin to press it into the butter, video on youtube
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I've made an apricot glaze and also an orange glaze that I brushed on soon after I pulled my cinnamon rolls out of the oven.
The glaze soaks into the warm pastry enough to make it moist but not soggy.
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If I may make a suggestion......
After cutting the roll of buns and laying them on the tray, allow them to rise as per usual, then just before placing them in the oven take you fingers and make a small pit in the middle of each bun and fill that pit with the jam, then would be like a Danish in the way it looks....try it!
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Raisins and bits of other dried fruit could go right into the dough I would think, or even rolled up with the cinnamon-sugar, and raisins have made their appearance this way. But as Kuan suggested do not mess excessively with the perfection of the cinnamon goo.
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Ok i made them coating the inside with 13 oz. Of Polaner sugar free apricot preserves then sugar/cinnamon mix. Rolled them up and used Panificio Premium 3.2 Inch, 4 Ounce Baking Cups to cook them in. First i guess used way to much preserves didn't hold the roll up shape when i cut them. Second raising over took the cups by pretty much busted out of them. Cooked well and weren't bad at all, even now just toss in the microwave for 10 seconds and soften up and can really taste apricot. the dough i was afraid would not turn out good is fine, nice and soft but the top kind of dry. Cooked 30 minutes in 350 degree toasteroven maybe need to lower temp tad. I'll try it again but there will be changes, 1 not so much filling and maybe cook as a whole roll but if i section them will be smaller. I don't want to giveup on the fruit coating just yet so I'll also leave space not going all way to edge of dough with filling. I got around 15 rolls and the paper cup worked the way baker on qvc said but can't find the square ones on Amazon only round, any suggestions on were to look? I seen them in aluminum but not paper.
Found them NOVACART 4" x 4" Mold Disposable Bakeware, Pack of 12 cost $2.80
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