Fruit Based Restaurant Theme Idea

Do you think a fruit theme restaurant is a good idea?

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I'm not opening a restaurant just yet but I'm trying to think ahead for when I do open my own. My main idea for a restaurant is incorporating a lot of fruits or fruit flavor into my food. I just love the combination especially of the sweetness of fruit and the savory of some sort of protein or with seafood. I'm more thinking fruit flavored sauces most likely on dishes like a blueberry demi or something like that. I want to open a restaurant that is healthy but not unappetizing sounding dishes. I've tried looking around for restaurants like this online but I couldn't really find anything like it so that made me wonder if this is a dumb idea or not a lot of people have done it yet? And I know location has a huge factor in this as well. I live in New England where I figure that it wouldn't be as popular in but I considering moving to a place like the Philippines where I think it would be a good restaurant there. Any thoughts? Thank you
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i come from a business management and a 'gym bro' background so let me give you my inputs:

- fruits are not considered 'healthy' from a weight watching point of view atleast among fitness community as they have lot of fructose in them and high glycemic index. 

- the climate of the location is very important, i assume philippines is tropical and warm and humid so that location might be suitable.

- you also need to look for whats considered 'exotic' fruit as that might be a better marketing positioning instead of going for the healthy angle.

- look into singapore also as theres a very high spending on F&B industry among consumers there and spending power is good. also its very easy to start and manage a business in singapore.

- try tangy & spicy seasoning on fruits....look for this indian condiment called 'catch chat masala' which is added on top of fruit salads or yoghurt and is a very interesting flavor profile

feel free to pm me as i love such brainstorming sessions about innovative concepts.
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