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    Though today and tomorrow's 60+ temps will make it feel like spring is REALLY close... have been craving a yard sale. A few favorite thrift stores get me through this dry spell. Have made several REALLY great find at thrift stores... Cuisinart food processor, "vintage" KA stand mixer (crank up bowl, whisk, dough hook & paddle), Le Creuset blue enamel exterior grill pan... all for a "song". Always look at knives at YS's... in case someone is getting rid of something "good".
    Today I made 2 good finds. First is a heavy popover pan... makes 12, not CI but something heavy. Not like I HAD to have it, but for $1.50... it's now part of my kitchen.

    A Foodsaver (V845) vac sealer for $4.95. Was a little dusty, but otherwise clean... and works fine. A step (or 2) up from current one (Vac 800) that was a yard sale find several years ago. Old one, you have to hold the lid down the entire time... new one takes over for ya after 2-3 secs. It's NOT a new model... horizontal and not vertical... but works fine and was... ahem, cheap!

    I know some skeeve, big-time, at thrift store & yard sale finds... especially food-related things. As long as an item looks "clean", works, and is inexpensive... I'm looking at it. Especially things that I either don't have the $$ for or wouldn't be will to shell out for in a store.

    Thought of buying a "Magic Bullet" in a store, no matter how much on sale... not happening... BUT would be willing to take a chance at a YS. A lot of gimmicky items are often bought on a whim, used a few times, owner loses interest, and almost gives them away. Didn't have a bread machine when they first became the kitchen gizmo to have... several years ago. When I saw one... in box, in plastic, with paperwork/cookbook... was interested. It looked like it had NEVER been used? Seller said... after 2-3 uses, she was bored with it and it took up too much room to keep out on counter all the time. I used it several times... then when I got a little bored, realized it was gonna end up collecting dust in garage... so donated it to a thrift shop. Last summer spent WAY more than I usually am willing to on a HUGE lot of Fiestaware dishes. Twelve each... dinner plates, sandwich/salad plates, mugs. Sixteen bowls... cereal or soup. Gravy boat and sugar/cream set. NO chips or slightest signs of wear. All for $50!

    Are you with me or agin on the topic of "used" kitchen stuff? If in my camp, what are you hoping to find?