Fructose taking a bad rap


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I'm sure you've seen the articles railing on fructose sweetening as it doesn't trigger the appetite and energy horomones in the body. The writeups all link this to the obesity rise at the time fructose became popular in commercial foods. Of course, the study actually says it's coincidental as they haven't established causality explicity.

Anyway, I bring this up for some personal anecdotes.

I've been a Diet Coke man for decades just because I preferred the taste. Had to move to the unleaded variety on Dr.'s orders (fortunately, that's a popular beverage in Utah and widely available). I prefer diet versions in my lemon lime drinks too or 7 up if sugared is all there is as its much less sweet. The sweetness is also why Pepsi just isn't even on my list, way too sweet. For rootbeer, cream and ginger ale, the sugared is my preference.

Another friend was a Coke man through and through. A few years ago, his company sponsored Weight Watcher's to come and would pay for any employee who would follow through on the WW points program. This friend did so, and has lost a good chunk of weight. The major change in his diet was Coke. He goes with Crystal Light now. Lifestyle wise, he's pretty much a couch potato.

My most effective weight control techniques have been two things. First, I bought my first house and shed 20 pounds taking care of it. Then I had kids and changed my habits to set a good example. I certainly couldn't tell them no if I was eating it. That was good for another 35 pounds.

So rather than blaming a sweetener or a lifestyle or a diet, It seems to me that matching a diet (which certainly includes sweetener choices) with your lifestyle is the key to weight maintenance. If you want to eat a lot and be healthy, you need to be a physically busy busy person.

That seems sadly retro in today's media coverage on health.

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You hypothesis is correct. Unfortunately, it is based on the assumption that we (Americans) will take responsibility for our own actions. That is something we don't seem willing to do.
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That was a very interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

I've been on diet coke for years. I think sugared sodas taste too sweet. I don't like many sweets at all, though. I have my mom to thank for that. As I kid, she wouldn't let me have many. Boy, was I mad then :D But I see now how she helped me develop healthy habits as an adult. So, thanks Mom :)
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Rather than attack food I think that we all should address inactivity, a dire lack of exercise in our lives.

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