Fru-fru or function?

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This thread is in response to the recent "Miracle Blade" thread. But of a larger scope.
Cutco, Miracle blades, Pampered Chef, all of these places make it seem like people who work in foodservice actually use this stuff. I catered a luncheon a few years back for a bunch of managers for Pampered Chef. Most of them did'nt know what the equipment was used for. It was amusing to watch 20 adults trying to figure out marketing ploys to sell a one-use kitchen gadget to unknowing people at a kitchenware party. "I use my $25.00 citrus/grapefruit knife ALL THE TIME!!!!!" And I guess if you were prepping several cases of grapefruit per day that knife would outperform my $2.00 ECKO grapefruit knife I picked up at the store.....
My MIL bought a set of Cutco knives from a neighbors' college kid and won't tell what she paid for them....because she is embarrassed that I could have gotten Trident or Henckels for the same price or less.
Yes, good equipment is important. I have yet to see where that made a huge difference in food quality.
If you ever came to my restaurant and saw my collection of beat-up pots and pans, overly-used cheap kitchen knives and re-re-re-repaired appliances you would see what I mean.

A simple homily from successful foodservice professionals I have met:
Buy what you need; need what you buy.
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I really appreciate equipment that works....nothing frustrates me more than having to jerry rig an oven door or not have something peeling the case of pears with a metal handled peeler was absurd...for $5 I could have saved my hand. This from someone that cooks in the middle of the street with no electricity and no running water..... I cut my fingers using Yucko paring knives that had been purchased for the childrens culinary classes. Seemed like everytime I turned around there was another nick...for someone that does not cut themselves on a regular never...this was bizarre.
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I knew there had to be a reason why the pampered chef products always bugged me...

I always run across those products at garage sales. I know some of the products are supposed to be good and work well but to me, most of them just seem to take up space! I'll never go out of my way to purchase a pc product. It is the epidomy of the way the system works though isn't it? It's obviously permeated into the households, they need to have more than one "snack" recipe in their catalog other than those pinwheels. I've seen them at two functions this year. That's twice too many.


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