Frozen waffles?

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Ok, so years ago, my niece (then 4 years old) came for a visit for the Christmas holiday from Iceland.  At the time she had no knowledge of English, but was sweet all the same.  I tried to stock up on fun things for a 4-year-old to eat, but apparently the best item was the Jiffy-pop rig that poofed up on the stovetop.

She's 11 now, and since she left she has been going on and on to her mother and auntie (my wife) about the wonderful cakes that her Uncle Blue made, and how she just can't wait to come back to America so I can make her some more.  For seven years, my wife and sister-in-law have been trying to figure out what she was talking about, because I didn't make any cakes.  

Finally, the little one learned the word for what she loved:  WAFFLES.  Except, I didn't make any waffles.  Don't even own a waffle iron.  Turns out what she loved so much was blueberry Eggos, which I had put in the fridge because I figured the kids would eat them in a pinch.

So, she asked me to send her some waffles for Christmas this year.

I was guessing that I could put some Eggos into a vacuum-sealed bag, and just mail them over.  Trouble is, obviously they wouldn't be frozen on the way to Iceland.  Anyone have any thoughts on how these would travel?  Do you think a defrosted-and-refrozen Eggo would work?

I know, it's a dumb question about a flash-frozen crap product.  But I'm hoping not to tell her No.
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I have seen vac packed plain  pancakes and waffles on the shelf in some supermarkets, so I would assume it should work. When she gets them tell her refrig. after opening. If I were you I would vac pack them after thawing so there is no moisture  in the package,as this will make it go bad. After all a Twinkie has a shelf life of 3 months minimum. Try using plain ones not blueberry as they hold moisture.
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