Frozen Sardines

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Sardines are the hot new trend around here, fresh ones that is. I have found frozen sardines from Portugal being sold at a bulk grocery store. They were so cheap that I became suspicious.

Since most fish is frozen on the boat and thawed in stores, I realize it's often best to just buy frozen fish. Is this case any different? Are there some preparations I should avoid when using frozen sardines?

If you have experience with these, please share!
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Can you make sure that these were in fact only frozen once on the boat, and not thawed and refrozen later? I wouldn't even consider buying them if the latter were the case.

Even if they were frozen only once, I would still use them just for recipes in which they were well-cooked (grilled, roasted, pan-fried). Definitely not anything uncooked/cured.

Just my opinion, though; haven't actually had experience with the product.
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