Frozen foie gras falling apart

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I am not a foie gras expert but have done it a few times. I have always obtained fresh foie gras from France and removed the veins, prepared and cooked them myself.

I recently gave a try at some Canadian frozen foie gras which I got mailed ordered.

The looked fine when I got them and placed them in my freezer right away.

I took one out yesterday and placed it in the fridge overnight to defrost.

Today I took it out of it's packaging and proceeded to remove the veins.

The foie gras completely fell apart, it was completely defrosted but instead of having that mooch consistency known to foie gras it was more chunky I would say.

Usually when I am done removing the veins I am left with a large part and a smaller part, they are usually well taken apart but still are pretty much whole. Here today I am left with dozens of small pieces.

I have it salted, peppered and sprayed with Cognac in the fridge right now for a couple of hours before I cook it.

I guess I will know for sure after it is cooked and I get to taste it.

Has anybody here had a similar experience with frozen foie gras?


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That doesn't sound good at all. The fat content of foie gras is so high that it should freeze reasonably well, but I wonder whether what you got hadn't been handled properly along the way. You could probably still do the classic terrine, where the pieces all merge together anyway and it's standard to do some cutting or breaking beforehand, but I'll be interested to see what your experience is with the flavor.
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Sounds like you were sold a very old piece that may have been frozen, thawed and refrozen again.
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No question. Some where along the distribution route it was thawed or semi thawed and refrozen.. If it were cheap stuff, it could have been pressed and formed.
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I have seen that even with fresh raw FG. Some have that texture. One way to check that you have a good frozen FG is to evaluate the amount of fat released after the FG is cooked. If it is more than 15%, it mean the FG was not frozen properly or is too old. Try the quick freeze product if you can find it, i.e. frozen at very low temperature (surgelé). Rougié/Palmex offers it.

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