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i have a few questions..

at what time do you add your flavoring to an italian buttercream?

also, i would like to make my own frostings (dont have a clue what kind) for the cake (have no clue what kind of cake i want to make) and i was wondering what is used most of the time that would provide stability (versus when my mom used to make cakes with whipped cream)

thanks, isaac
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I add it after the butter for an Italian Meringue.
For stability, you might want to add some sweetex to your butter. I have some recipes, but it's quite late. Post later.
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Add flavorings at the very end. All buttercreams are fairly equally stable, so it's just a matter of which suits your palate, and which you find easiest to work with. As spoons said, shortening will add more stability in heat.
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