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It’s the first of the month which means the December article on my web site of French food and cooking has just been posted. This month the subject is fromage blanc — a fresh French cheese you can make at home.

I wrote the article in September, just before I left for a month in France. While there I had he occassion to eat fromage blanc many times in different locations and served in different ways. I have to admit, the stuff we can make at home matches the commercial product in France pretty closely.

If you’d like to check the article out click here.
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Thank you so much Bouland. Very interesting article. The culture used to be available at Egg Farm Dairy but their website does not open anymore. I think they were in Maine or Vermont.

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Thank you. Thank you.
I can't wait to try it.
I tried my luck one time at making mascarpone at home. It was okay, but I needed more direction. Your article is great.

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