From Prep to Line " Numerous fast food jobs ,is this normal?????

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Hey guys, just a question regarding this industry. I have had about 5 fast food prep/line cook jobs in the past few years. There seems to be a huge turnover. My first job at a restaurant went out of business one year after working there,second job was at a university and they let us off for three months (no pay) when school was out..I'm going to interview for line cook job tomorrow  finally at a nice Family owned steak house in a great town.Is this normal to go thru so many jobs before finding the right one.? I am single trying to pay a mortgage that's the only reason I had to continuously be working. 

I do eventually want to pursue having my own place when I become stable. Thank you for taking the time to read


I know these jobs were all my decision , maybe im not patient enough? Thanks
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I know these jobs were all my decision , maybe im not patient enough? Thanks
It is easier to be patient in looking for the job you really want, when you are already employed. Takes the economic pressure and urgency away. I am always looking for the job I really want, especially when I am already employed because then I can make better decisions.
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Turnover is a big factor in this business. I do agree with moving around for the right reasons. In most fast-food places there isn't a whole bunch to learn. They set up these positions to train people quick. They don't care how much you know as long as you know what they need you to know in their operation. The loyalty is a one way street, do it our way. I was involved in over 25 food services in my career. I learned something in every operation. In this business I expect to see resumes with many places of employment. The thing I don't like to see is a lot of real short stays of employment. 
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Your explanations sound good enough. I don't think it will cause you any problem. If asked, just speak clearly about why you should be hired. Explain your situation how you were not removed or fired. Give it your best shot.  
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