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Dear ChefTalkers,

Hello everyone, my name is Rosemary and I live in Montreal -- the food capital of Canada! when I have a job, I work in Information Technology.

I grew up with two of the best cooks on earth: my grandmother and my mother. From them, I learned to love cooking as well as eating. Some of my earliest memories involve trips to the grocery store, and some of the first words I learned in French (my second language) were food related.

I like to try new recipes, I have a huge collection of cookbooks and a particular weakness for chocolate. I also like to decorate cakes, I belong to the West Island Cake Club (local group) and to ICES.

My mom dabbles in catering, mostly for the church -- sandwiches and sweet treats. She also provides the grand majority of baking for the church bazaar.

I love to cook and I love to eat! and I hope to learn something new on my visits to your board. Thanks for reading!


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Welcome to Chef Talk Rosemary!

Glad to see another Montrealer join in.
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Welcome, rwarren! You join a friendly, welcoming community of foodlovers, both professional and amateur. Please enjoy wandering through the forums and reading the various threads. Check out our archives and search for topics you are interested in.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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Welcome aboard! Looking forward to your insight. Any favorites from growing up? You must, with those great cooks around. Do share...
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Bonjour Rosemary.

I love Montreal, it's such a beautiful city. I grew up in Northern New York and used to make Brador (sp) runs when I was in High School. One of the restaurants I remember as a young girl was Altitude 757 is that still there?
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