From Auto Mechanics to Culinary student overnight.

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Hello everyone. just wanted to say hi to the forum. as i worked as a Diagnostic Technician at an Auto shop for about 5 years i'm found myself recently quitting that and enrolling in cooking school. I've been around cars my whole life so i never went to Tech School such as UTI or anything like that. my knowledge and proof of it came as i worked my way up in the garage that i worked at for so long. i made good money but i found myself getting bored and tired of fixing everyone else S***. I have my own project car that i found my self never having time for ( too burnt out of from working all day on other cars ). so here i am. Enrolled at The Art Institute of Minneapolis for their culinary Program. I look forward to talking to y'all and sharing my experiences getting into the feild. i'm very excited to start school and get into a kitchen here in the Metro Area and then from there who knows. just see where it takes me. i have some pics uploaded if you like to check out some food i have made at home. thankyou for your time. 
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Welcome, Yourmontage87. I think a diagnostic tech will make a superb chef, whether on the savory side or the pastry side of the kitchen. You have to follow instructions, check your work, solve problems and make decisions based on your knowledge in both lines of work.

Have a look around the site (including the photo gallery). Don't miss the cooking articles, wikis, reviews and more. There's a culinary students' forum, so you'll want to check that out. Use our search tool to look at earlier threads on topics of interest to you. At least for general topics, I'l bet many have been discussed before (i.e., how much should I pay for my knives?, etc.).

Enjoy, and good luck in your new endeavor!


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Welcome to Cheftalk, Yourmontage! I shouldn't have looked at your pics; I was already hungry, now I'm hungrier.

Should you have any questions regarding the food industry in the Twin Cities, ask away.
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thanks guys. I am no newbie to forums so i shouldn't have a problem looking around the site or posting issues. thankyou for the input though. i have plenty more pics coming but i seem to have lost the cable to my camera. :( soon though they should be up. i have already read through some of the Wiki's and thought they were very useful. i cannot wait to discuss further topics with the chefs and other students on this forum. 
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