Frogs Legs

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Today my son procured some frogs legs which he intends to prepare for he and his girlfriend, despite her 'ick' statements.

I prepared a light, delicate sauce for some frogs legs years ago, knowing how easily over-powered they can be, but have since lost it.

At the risk of chastisement and reprimand for not 'searching' first, might someone have a sauce recipe they'd be willing to share?

These legs don't have a long shelf life, if you get my drift.


Save the livers,

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I used to cook those for my father quite often. A roll in seasoned flour and fried in butter. Thats' all he wanted.

So perhaps a simple sauce by deglazing the pan with a bit of wine or chicken stock and finish with a nob of butter.  

A bit of garlic in there somewhere is nice.                       
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