Frito Pie

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Um, well, yeah. I made a batch of chili to bring to a party tomorrow, and thought maybe I'd bring it as Frito Pie. Anybody remember what goes on top of the chili (on top of the open bag of Fritos)?

Don't worry, I plan to bring the elements separately and let people make their own.
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Can't say I ever made a "frito pie",but right about now it sounds tasty.
I make something I call "chili sundie" big bowl of chili topped with shredded jack and chedder,scallions,tomatoes,onions,peppers,sour cream and an olive on top (like a cherry;))

Some frito's to dip? hey why not


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My favorite version of Frito Pie is "Chili in a bag". It is becoming quite popular at some fairs here in the Midwest. You take an individual sized bag of Fritos and pound on them to crush them up somewhat (do this while the bag is still sealed), open the bag, pour chili over top and top with cheese, onions, etc. Add a plastic spoon and you have a great "walk-around treat"!!!!
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dear pete,
the recipe for your treat is in one of emeril's cookbooks!:lol: i saw him making it on the rosie o'donnell show once.
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Standard toppings were cheese, onions and possibly jalepinos.
What a hoot! Great idea.
I do CC's version only in a bowl with a ton of shredded iceberg....sometimes it just works better than the other lettuces.
I've got friends (foodie ones at that) who bring White Castles to gatherings and I swear their dish is the first one empty. Frito Pie reminded me of White Castle burgers....think it must be the canned chili school version that sticks in my brain.
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