fried icecream

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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to know if anyone knew how to make fried icecream, i had once had it at a restaurant long ago. it was like one big scoop of icecream in a thick batter and fried..............i am not referring to the mexican fried icecream!!!! the one in a tortilla..........i do not want that recipe...
please do let me know if anyone knows the recipe...
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Yes, I make it all the time.

I know this is going to sound sort of vage, because amounts and ingredients can vary as long as you follow the basic proceedures it will be great.

The "trick" to fried ice cream is in coating it with meringue and crumbs twice. I've seen recipes that just use crumbs on straight ice cream and that doesn't work at all. The meringue does make you ice cream scoop look rather huge, but I find once fried no one even knows that there was meringue present.


Ahead of time scoop your ice cream or cut it into shape, then re-freeze it over-night. It must be rock hard to handle it while coating.

Whip a bowl of egg white and add sugar to sweeten. I can't tell you quantities...that depends upon how much your doing. I'd guess about 1/2 of 1 white per each coating on each scoop.

In a bowl combine the coatings of your choice. I use coconut, crushed vanilla wafers and finely chopped almonds.

Take your frozen ball in your hand dip/roll it into the freshly whipped meringue to coat. Then place in bowl of crumbs and coat throughly. (this can get rather messy). Place your coated balls on a tray and freeze them until firm to the touch.

Then again YOU MUST REPEAT THIS PROCESS coating with meringue and crumbs. The balls have to be coated twice to be sealed with no missed spots (it looks rather huge, but it's a MUST step). Again freeze. Once frozen again fry them when ever. They'll hold for a week or two in the freezer.

When you fry them you must "cradle" them when you scoop them out of the frier or you risk breaking your crust and the ice cream will start to melt out. Fry them until Light golden...too long and they'll start to break and melt.

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I always thought that Mexican Fried Ice Cream was the kind made in a batter/oatmeal/cornflaky/kind of/ cinnamony goodness.

Are you crossing it with sopapias?

the recipe above sounds good
also found lots by searching yahoo with mexican fried ice cream.

the cornmeal/oatmeal batter coating I remember the most growing up in New Mexico and Arizona. But the coconut / almond sounds tasty.

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A critical success factor for fried ice cream is NOT to use the same fryer/oil you've been frying fish in for the past week!

Had somecooked this way at a restaurant in NYC's Chinatown last year. Yuck!
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