Fried Enoki Mushroom

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Hi all, i facing this issue when i deep frying Enoki mushroom. When the mushroom turn golden brown, i drain off the oil and let it cool down before putting into a container. Couple of hour later , i realise the container is full of oil. Is there any method to force out the extra oil fully as i intend to keep the mushroom for 1-2 week and i do not want the container to look oily.
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What are you trying to achieve when you fry the mushroom? Are you looking just for a crispy mushroom?

You might try frying them first and then sticking them in a low oven for a few hours to dehydrate...or use a dehydrator. You might try resting the mushrooms on a paper towel for a couple hours after too to absorb the outgoing oil.

What are the mushrooms like when you take them out of the fryer? What temp are you using to fry?
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Mushrooms are sponges. But if you continue cooking them a little longer they'll eventually give back the oil they've absorbed.
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