Fried Chicken -- Par frying, Service, and Blood Vein Issues

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Currently use 3.5# whole chickens butchered into 4 pieces...leg/thigh and breast/wing. I split into three batches . Followed Keller's recipe of rosemary brine fried chicken. Brined one batch for 24 hours and froze the other two. Then rinsed and patted dry and left in fridge on sheet pan with rack to dry out the skin. 

Morning of brunch I did the following--took chicken out without letting it get to room temperature so cold chicken into flour, then buttermilk laced with tobasco into seasonless flour with a little of buttermilk mixed in to get those nice little tid bits of crunch and then back onto rack and placed into walk in so the flour could really adhere for 15-25 minutes. Then fried at 350 for 10-12 minutes and at this point it had some color already... For service we turn up to 375F and when I got the ticket we threw a leg/thigh in there and I should have read the temp, but I'm a dumbass and send it out. Chicken was a kick of rosemary and moist--probably could have used more salt in brine or I should have followed the recipe and put some salt in my flour.

The blood vein makes people squeamish -- the joint that connects leg and thigh. Anyone out there have this issue? Should I just separate the pieces...also what temp would you recommend par frying at and then refrying? Would you just fry to fully cooked and just flash fry for service? With that, would you place chicken back in fridge or leave it out? And doing that would that be hazardous to our guests bc their chicken is out at room temp?

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

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