Fried Chicken Gravy ,somthing different!

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So I  have been trying to make gravy out of chicken base. Not coming out great at all. I don't have any real chicken stock handy,but the chef expects me to make it with what I have...PLEASE HELP. 
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Doesn't the base have directions for a Broth ????????? make a Roux, thicken, why isn't it working ?????
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I'm going to make a bunch of assumptions here, with the full knowledge that it may all be irrelevant to your actual problem in the end.

You've got a powdered chicken soup base, and any "gravy" you make from it is yellow and tastes like crap, with no actual flavor beyond salt?

if it's what you've been told to do by your boss... then do it.

If it's your call? Then you're going to have to make a decent chicken broth at the very least.

Keep ALL your chicken trim, all of it. Skin, bones, fat. Save and freeze any juices from roasting poultry.
make a broth with all of it, chill it, skim fat and use it to make your roux.

Thicken your broth, taste, add some of the chicken flavoured powder, taste and adjust seasoning. My gut says it won't need any more salt. :)

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