Fresh versus frozen at popular chain restaurants.

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Hey there.  I'm a newbie at cooking.  No professional experience whatsoever.  But I'm finding myself entranced with various cooking/chef shows on television (Top Chef, Chopped, Iron Chef, Hell's Kitchen, etc.).  One of the themes or often repeated motifs on all of these shows is the "Fresh is better than frozen" mantra.

That got me thinking.  How many of our popular chain restaurants serve food that was frozen? 

Some chain restaurants that pop to mind are:

TGI Fridays
Ruby Tuesday
Red Lobster
Macaroni Grill
Lone Star

Of course, the list goes on and on.  So, do any of you industry insiders care to share?

Thanks in advance!
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in high schooi worked for Mcdonalds for 3 months. That's it for chain restaurants I have worked in. However almost every restaurant I have worked in has gotten frozen fries and apps, chicken, dough and premade desserts of one type or another. I have worked for a few places where 95% of everything was fresh but some typical fried bar foods. Sadly, America is swamped in places that just buy heat and serve dinners and sauces. It's nice that we are seeing some change.
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