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Hi, I am very new to this computing lark, so bear with me. Like many i got a pasta maker for Christmas. My problem is knowing which flour to use. I have got various recipes some using durham flour, others using strong white and lastly all purpose flour. which is best?:confused:
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In the kitchen i often use all purpose flour and it's fine, but if you can get it, 'strong' flour is better for pasta.
As I understand it, Durham wheat flour is 'strong' flour, meaning it has a greater amount of gluten in it, which will give the pasta more strength and elasticity. Some times it is sold as Continental flour.
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I use a mix of all-purpose flour and semolina. About 2 parts APF to 1 part semolina.


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I always use AP flour for making pasta and I find that it works just fine.
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I have used all three kinds of flour in various combinations and all with success. (I even used cake flour once when I was desperate.) The different flours give you a different taste and texture and mixiing the flours with different proportions gives you even more variety. None of them are bad.
Generally speaking though, the higher the gluten content the better. Durum wheat flour is very hard (high in gluten) and I have been told that it is only for commercial use. Of course I ignored that advice!
There is an Italian deli near my house that sells Fancy Durum which is ground really fine almost like regular flour. It works really well and gives the pasta that uniqe taste.

Home made pasta - mm mm, nothing like it.


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