Fresh out of school looking for 2nd job.

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Hey, new here. not sure what section to post this in. but anyway..

I just graduated from culinary school (baking and pastry)  in oct.2010, took an externship at a private bakery that supplies desserts/bread to a group of upscale restaurants, got hired, and have been working there ever since. 

Things are going well at the bakery, but I need more money. Ive gotten 2 raises there and I shouldn't expect much more. 

I think a good option would be working in a bakery in the morning, and a restaurant at night.  

I don't have any restaurant experience other than a pizza chain i was working at in high school for 2 years.

I need another job soon, like in about a month hopefully, and I saw an upscale spanish restaurant with an ad for a pastry cook. 

My current boss said the chef there is very mean, and  yells way too much/ex drug addict.

I dont take those attitudes well at all, but its the only option I really see right now.

So I guess my question is, does this sound like something im even qualified to apply for? or would you need more info to judge..

I was thinking maybe I could try apply for a line cook position somewhere??, but I dont have any savory cooking experience. 

also, does working a 6-7 hour day at a bakery then spending maybe 6-8-? hours at night at the restaurant sound even doable in terms of stamina...

thanks for any advice.
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Hey Fatherbev, I have been a line cook many timesalong with prep, dish, etc. Yelling is normal to a point. i dont consider it yelling unless someone doesnt respond to the order.  If the exec is yelling(loudly) for no reason but to yell and degrade then I suggest starting out as a prep cook. Being you have pastry exper and no line, start as a prep to learn the food and dishes before jumping on the line. I say if you canttell a server what is in a dish completely then you shouldnt be on the line. I myself am a sous chef but also going to culinary school. ive worked up the ladder over the years w/o classes but now decided to go.  Im just one opinion though.
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