Fresh Oregon Shrimp

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You know those salad shrimp you can only buy frozen? Well we get them fresh every year for a few months, harvested off the Coast of Oregon. They are very sweet and taste nothing like the frozen version.

A friend of mine is a fisherman, these pictures were from their unload the other day, 70,000lbs.

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Food porn. Thanks for posting but now I have serious hankering for fresh shrimp. What great thing to have near you. 
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We have been in residence at the beach for over a week and still have not had fresh shrimp.
All the rain in East Texas has been flooding the bays and making it a tad hard for the boats to fill their nets for their commercial clients so it leaves the rest of us SOL.
A couple of my fave contacts have had the white flags up once or twice but by the time I get there they have sold out.

So Chef you have made me jealous twice in one day lol.

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Substitute the gold for those shrimp and this is a picture of me.
Out of curiosity, Does your friend like shrimp?

A lot of Captains have had enough in dealing with bringing there catch to market that they show little interest in it afterwards.

Occupational hazard I guess. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif
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Nice photos Chef! I hope he saved a few pounds for you to indulge. We've been getting fresh Key West Pinks here but there still not going to be as fresh as that catch. Enjoy!
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As the creator of the only successful soft shell clam shucking machine I also know about the clever little device they use for peeling salad shrimp.  2 closely opposed rotating flexible rubber discs splayed and pinched to come together in a Y.  Shells get ripped off, on the side where the rotation is downward of course, and are pulled down through the bottom of the Y.  The firm thick bodies can't get sucked through and the whole geometry is tilted so they just slide off the device.  A little simpler than my machine, but then again they are not dealing with inflexible shells and soft gushy inards.
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@chefbuba  now I know I love you, when can I move in?!

Living here in the middle of the desert has been VERY 

rough getting and sort of seafood!

So that is beyond food porn for me ... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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Tell me again buba, you're outside of Portland is it?

I put this on my calendar so that we are sure

to be around for next years harvest, for sure!
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