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    Just Graduated From Culinary School
    I'm 20 years old I finished star career academy For professional cooking last October I'm going to be finished my extern hours in two weeks.. I took it upon my self to find my own b.s extern at red lobster so I can get paid for it but I just want to kno where do I start???? I only been here since beginning of January but I want to experience different restaurants I was thinking bout staying there till June and trying out different restaurant ever 6-8 months building my skill, experience, and techniques I just want to know if that's a smart idea or not good.. If so I would like to hear your "restaurant time-line stories"
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    I'd recommend looking for anything in the stand alone fine dining or hotel area. At red lobster you're just wasting what you learned in school. Its true what they say, if you don't use it you lose it....its easy to forget exactly how to make something if you haven't made it in a while
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    Hi JoshTheCook,

    A great Idea is to find a resort to work in. Most of them have bistros, fine dinning and banquette cooking as well. The resort that offered me a job has 4 restaurants 4 banquette halls and a full bakery. That would give you lots of room to grow and learn. 

    I am just about to get through through culinary school as well. I am planning to return next year to do some advanced culinary learning. For me going back to school at my age with three children has been hard. I am trying to figure out where I want to go and do after I am all done. I know I want to own my own my own take out place one day. As for now I am working towards being a contract / private cook. That way I can bounce around and get more experience. 

    I hope that info was useful. 
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    @joshThaCook  I would recommend you move on from the Red Lobster like William said. Not because I think Red Lobster is bad but you need to move around a bit to get an idea what type of cooking you want to do. There is a lot and don't get stuck in the 4 star high end is the only way. I have had many friends that cooked in the following ways:
    • Private chef to one family
    • Private chef on a yacht
    • Resort chef
    • Manager of prison kitchens
    • Food service manager at a university
    • Catering
    • Diner
    Here are few cheftalk articles from chefs who served in some of those capacities.