Fresh Chicken breast marinade

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I have been using frozen 8 oz chicken breasts and once I thaw them out they are about 6.7 to 7 oz. I just grill them for sandwiches and salads.I am just adding seasoning salt on both sides while it is cooking on the grill. I know there are pre seasoned broth added frozen chicken breasts in the market.

I found this fresh chicken breasts 8 to 10 oz each for a better price and I love to move over to that product.I am going to butterfly them as they are very thick.Can our chef's in the field give me some recipes to marinade them before I cook them. Adding seasoning salt is not giving a full flavor to the large thick chicken breast.I think marinading will tenderize the chicken as well.Also cooks can add more or less seasoning and this way I can have a consistent product.

I use them on different sandwiches, salads.
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This is kinda like asking what color you should paint your house.

One place I worked marinated all the chicken with salt and this flavored oil they made. They cooked chopped rosemary, thyme, garlic, and coarse black pepper in olive oil. Didn't strain it.
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This is my go to marinade for chicken. Been using this for 20 yrs, still not tired of it.

Cilantro, fresh lime juice, oilve oil, fresh chopped garlic, crushed red chili flakes, s&p.

Don't over cook and do not use that pre seasoned, broth added crap. 

You say cooking on the grill....Char broiler grill or griddle? Char broiled, great taste....Griddle, don't bother.
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