Fresh cherries, Italian meringue, homemade ladyfingers

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Are you asking what to make with those ingredients? How about soaking the ladyfingers in kirsch or cherry Kafka, layer with lemon curd or chocolate pastry cream, Cherries, meringue, repeat
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I would make what Laurenlulu suggested. A cherry version of tiramisu. Maybe with just regular pastry cream, though. And I'd also make sure that the top layer was meringue so I could hit it with a blowtorch.
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I love making sandwich cookies with lady fingers so I would use either kirsch liquor or amaretto liquor or both mixed with the cherries and italian meringue. Use it as the spread for the sandwich cookie and either leave as is or dip in tempered dark chocolate. Or I would just do a fruit charlotte /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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